Posted on 24th May 2019 by Martin Terrell

PDF News - Welcome to the Forum - May 2019

Welcome to The PDF, and thanks for visiting this page. As you will see, this is still a new initiative, and our network and our website are a work in progress. But progress there is, with the structure of a website in place, that will become the virtual heart of 'the Forum' - a meeting place for news and views, to share common problems and together, find solutions that work for all of us as well as our clients. 

The website consists of four main areas:

  1. A home page with details of The PDF, how to join and some short news articles;
  2. An area for articles, news and comment;
  3. A resources section with useful links to key materials;
  4. A discussion forum 

The first section will be for public display; the remaining sections will be for members only - hopefully a valuable tool for day to day practice.

As a members' organisation, The PDF does depend on members providing input into the organisation and its website as they develop. Feedback is especially welcome, positive or otherwise. Material for the website is also welcome - so any comments, articles, points of view and precedents. We also wish to provide a single point of reference for training and other events related to our area of work, and a dedicated section for links to other professionals or organisations whose services may be useful to members.

The PDF is not just a virtual organisation and we intend to build on the success of our inaugural meeting in March to hold further conferences and regional meetings. 

One of the privileges of Court of Protection practice is that those of us who work in this field are primarily concerned for our clients. We face similar challenges with the jurisdiction, the courts, the clients, the fees we can charge and our fellow partners who have different perspectives from their own areas of practice. Whenever two or more of us get together, there is a shared outlook on the legal world. The PDF will just take this to another level.  


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