Posted on 24th May 2019 by Martin Terrell

Regional Groups

Following the success of the PDF's inaugural meeting in Leeds on 22 March, the organisation is keen to maintain its momentum and set up a regional network of members. This will enable the 'forum' to work at a local and personal level, so practitioners in different areas can meet to discuss matters of mutial concern and interest, and to organise semimars and training. This represents the ideals of local democracy in action, with meetings - as far as possible   working around our busy working lives. 

To help discuss regional meetings and how they can work in practice, and to promote the role of the PDF, Russell Caller will be visiting the following locations on his 'round Britain' tour:

Manchester- 22nd May

Leeds-23rd May

Reading-3rd June

Cheshire/Wilmslow-5th June

Nottingham- 13th June


If you are interested in finding out more or attending any of these meetings, please contact: 

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